Computer Buying Tips and Tricks


In the computer world most commonly asked question is from almost everyone who used computer or attached with computer. The question is “What computer should I buy?” This is not a easy decision for everyone who’s don’t know much about computer.
Here we will give you very important Computer Buying Tips and explain you step by step what computer is best for you and pay minimum for a best computer and save money.

Laptop Computer or Desktop Computer?

First of all what computer you want Laptop Computer or Desktop Computer. Both computer work same way there is not big difference in usage.  So this is a very easy decision, if you want to carry your computer with you for office, class room or travel then you should buy Laptop Computer, it’s a good choice when you want to carry your computer. Other then you can buy Desktop Computer, We cannot carry Desktop Computer it’s just stay on table or fixed on a place because Desktop Computer have a lot of cables like two power cables, VGA Cable, Keyboard Cable, Mouse Cable and it’s also have separate display device like LCD or Monitor. But Desktop Computer are more fast then Laptop Computers and also very flexible by parts changing or replacing but we cannot do it easily with Laptop Computers.
For Complete difference guide line you can read our article on Laptop and Desktop Advantage or Disadvantage.

Used Computer or New Computer?

This is another easy but important decision, at this point you will see your pocket or budget. of coerces there is no comparison between Used Computer or New Computer. But some time we cannot afford a new computer at this point Used Computer is a good option for us, but a little bit risky too.
So if you are planning to buy a Used Computer then you should read our article Use Computer Tips. It’s very help full for those who are planning to buy. There we have explain in very detail about how you can check Used Computer and its parts before buying.
New Computer always best option, if have budget and no planning to change computer for long time then you should go with New Computer. There is no any risk involve in New Computer Buying, you will get warranty from Computer manufactures, so can get warranty any time if get any problem and this is the big advantage of New Computers.
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Should i buy Mac or PC?

Very easy decision, if you have been using Mac or PC and familiar which any one and feel comfortable then you should go with your most usage computer.
Both are famous and both have advantages and disadvantages but use different operating systems. Mac use Macintosh and PC use Microsoft Windows both are paid and reliable, but there are some software compatible issue.
For this you can read our very detailed article about Mac or PC advantage and disadvantage. There we have talked in very detailed about Mac or PC Computers.

Computer Parts and Details:

This is very important and a bit lengthy topic, we cannot cover it here in one article. so please go to our detailed Computer Parts and Details topic.

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