IELTS Exam Guide Tips and Tricks


The word international English language testing system (IELTS) as it was then known, made its first appearance in 1980 when it replaced the English proficiency test battery (EPTB). That time, the IELTS is not an internationally used in 1980 it is called ELTS. In particular the ELTS was influenced by the growth in ‘communicative “language learning.


The international language and testing system (IELTS) exam is taken in 100 countries in the world. This exam takes two hours and 45 minutes to complete and its consist of four subtests like skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. In this test your education is not required it is just your English language skills are assessed. If any person interested in this test so in every country there are many institutes who provide these facilities for their people.


The examination area is consisting of four sections which are as under:





The IELTS test forces a student to make a decision in writing, listening, reading or speaking in a fast manner. The clock is a greater enemy of you in this test so a student of IELTS must know the importance of time during the exam. Because in exam only two hours and forty five minutes for completing its test. The best method is to wear a watch in the test center for time management.


The test result is announced after two weeks of your test.


IELTS is an international exam. And therefore a candidate must be prepared for hearing the variety of accents which are used in different parts of the world. The listening section of IELTS is consisting of 30 minutes. It has 40 different questions which are spreads over to four sections.


The reading section is consisting of 60 minutes. In reading there will be two to three passages and they may contain 2000 to 2700 words. No extra time is given for transferring an answer. In academic reading these passages are taken from print media or books or journals. These topics are general in nature.


The writing section also consisting of 60 minutes. Two tasks are given by a candidate. The candidates should spend no more 20 minutes for writing a 150 words a topic to complete its topic. And second section no more 20 to 40 minutes to express that topic in 250 words. If candidate not completes that task it will penalize.


The speaking section is involved an interview between a candidate and examiner. It has two parts. In this section consisted of 11 to 14 minutes. In this interview candidates have gives the answer about the family or the general knowledge topics. And second section candidates speak for one or two minutes for a given topic. In the final part the examiner engages the candidate in a discussion on issues related to the topic that candidate speaks in two parts. In the speaking the candidate should have the eye contact with the examiner must be maintained. After this the examiner should use the questioning through the topic the candidates should answer those questions that he asked. The candidate’s performance is evaluated through fluency, vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and pronunciation.

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