iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c Tips and Tricks

iphone5c-headerThe holiday season is over and many people are left with a couple of gifts they will never use or even remove from the packaging. But if you were fortunate, if you received a brand new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. With these phones, there definitely is no shortage of features to play with and explore. The Touch ID fingerprint authentication application is one of the awesome features and is pretty cool. Also, the Control Center settings and the improved Notifications Center is really something impressive.

If you keep sniffing around on your phone, you will find there are still a whole lot of undiscovered features hidden everywhere, including the settings. Some of these features were kept from the previous iPhone versions. The LED camera flashes for alerts, for example. Other features are completely new. Would you have thought its possible to control your new phone with head movements? Exploring all of the hundreds of features added by Apple with iOS 7 can prove to be a fun way to play away an afternoon.

Before you start digging around on your new iPhone, check out these new (and loved-by-all old) favourites using some of the rather unknown settings incorporated into the latest smartphone from Apple. You will discover some strange but really cool new stuff that a lot of people will never even know of, while some other things will be great and handy shortcuts.

Create Reminders for When You Get Home or Leave Work

Set LED Flash/Flash light for Alerts

Control Your iPhone with a Head Turn

Home Button Triple-Click to Zoom Screen, Invert Colors, And More

Place Face Time Audio-Only Calls

Press Volume Buttons to Take Pictures

Stop Message Previews from Ratting You Out

Make Siri More Useful

Shake To Undo

Block Calls, Texts and Face Time from Specific People

Use Shortcuts to Add Emoji

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